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Playing with Paper program on the new iPad while watching Clone Wars.

For Sketch Dailies suggestion of Unicorn.

Felt like drawing a swashbuckling style Captain America. Really enjoyed the new Winter Soldier movie and have been enjoying Rick Remender’s take in the new comics.

Dracula for Sketch Dailies.

For Sketch Dailies suggestion of Samurai. Thank you Mr. Stan Sakai for my favorite Samurai.

For Sketch Dailies suggestion of Aquaman. My take on the King of the seven seas.

My take on Disney’s version of Robin Hood. Loved when this came on TV as a kid. Would watch it everytime.

Illustration Friday 3/28/14—Red

Sketch to celebrate Hellboy Day. Thanks to Mike Mignola for 20 years of cool comics and a fun character.

Celebrating Thor’s Day with @Sketch Dailies.