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Gandalf the Grey for @sketch_dailies.

Poison Ivy for @sketch_dailies.

My version of Gaston for @sketch_dailies.

My take on Electra Woman & Dyna-Girl for @sketch_dailies. Was a huge fan of Sid & Marty Krofft as a kid so this was a lot of fun.

Space Invader for @sketch_dailies. This is how I saw one of the aliens if they were more fleshed out.

Picked up The Shadow Hero GN by Gene Yang & Sonny Liew released by First Second. Great reintroduction of an obscure golden age hero by Yang & Liew. Highly recommended. Wanted to do a sketch of the Green Turtle as a tribute.

Picked up The Fox trade by Dean Haspiel and friends. Really fun stuff and highly recommended. So inspired by Dean Haspiel’s art. Made me want to do a tribute sketch in the sketchbook during break.

Dick Tracy for @sketch_dailies. Thanks to Chester Gould for one of the best profiles in comics. Also some of the most creative villains.

Figured since I did a portrait of Jack I should do one of Sally also.

"Go towards the light Casper." The world’s friendliest ghost for @sketch_dailies.