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A Hansel who had too much fun at the witch’s house for Sketch Dailies.

More goofing around with character designs in the sketchbook.

"200 dollars a day plus expenses"

Boba Fett done with colored pencil on cardboard.

The Clown Prince of Crime for Sketch Dailies.

My take on Cruella Deville for today’s Sketch Dailies.

For Sketch Dailies suggestion of Skeletor. It may not be cool to say so, but Filmation cartoons were a big part of my youth and helped with my love of animation.

Having fun in the sketchbook while trapped at the day job again. Sketchbooks are so much fun to just play in and not care too much.

Chicacabra fan art from the awesome graphic novel by Tom Beland. Loved his True Story Swear to God and this is just as good. Thanks to IDW for putting it out and looking forward to Vol. 2 next year.

Trying out the supplies in the June Art Snacks package. Really like the paint markers, but the tips got pretty roughed up on the cardboard. The pencil gives a really nice black.