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My take on Kipling’s Rikki Tikki Tavi for Sketch Dailies.

A colorful, swashbuckling Buccaneer done for Sketch Dailies.

Panda painting done with the materials in the August @ArtSnacks (artsnacksblog) package. A Genie collapsible canvas and mars black acrylic paint.

Sketchbook warm up before work yesterday morning. Tried inking only with my brushpen instead of my usual microns. Like the look just need to put in more practice now for better line weight control.

My version of the Tin Man for Sketch Dailies.

Hellboy Jr. for Sketch Dailies topic of Hellboy.

Davy Crockett King of the wild frontier for Sketch Dailies.

A Baobhan Sith for Sketch Dailies. It is a creature from Scottish mythology that lures unsuspecting men in and drains their life.

Looking through Jack Kirby’s New Gods Artists Edition inspired me to do a portrait of Darkseid. Thanks to the King for such great characters. Colored pencil on cardboard.

Got a chance to try out the supplies in the July Art Snacks package for the Art Snacks Challenge. Red Higgins Ink and black watercolor pencil on a new paper I found at the art store from Garza Papel.